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Rimba & Rusa @ Sunway Nexis

Sunday, 11 October 2015
Hello peeps! Time for a food post again! Since it's Sunday *although Sunday is almost over*, it's okay! Because at Rimba & Rusa, everyday is Sunday! I guess it means that everyday at their cafe is a chilled lay back day like Sunday la. *my own interpretation only :P* Anyway, ever heard of Rimba & Rusa? Maybe you havent but I bet most of you have heard of Wondermilk! That's the place with all those cute mini cupcakes! Rimba & Rusa is actually the sister of Wondermilk and it serves fusion food of western food with a touch of Malaysian flavours! Don't get how they do it? Read along ;)

Their signature quote! Oh in case you don't know where's Sunway Nexis, it's NOT in sunway. How ironic.. But it's actually quite near Sunway Giza in an area called Kota Damansara in PJ.

Lovin' the use of different coloured greenery along with the tiffany blue framed windows in the back!

In case you couldn't spot the cafe, when you see this sign you should quickly find a parking close by! Also, many people snap photos on this wall for their #ootd shots and I didnt want to do the same so went inside to get one! The inside even nicer of course snap inside lor! Just need to be thick skin enough only mahh :P

Hello cutie sign :D

Since the outside was full of potted plants, the inside shouldn't be left out what ahahah! Even the menu so cute! Simple and nice.

However I do wish there were more illustrations on the food because just by reading it from the menu, I cant really seem to picture it. There were only pictures of some food on the last page and that was it. Anyway, we came at around 11am and only could order the breakfast menu because the rest were not available yet! :( The breakfast menu didnt have much choice to choose from so if you'd like to have more varieties, wait till after 12 to come! But also maybe if the place is crowded you might not be able to get a nice photo la.. You win some you lose some.

This is what I mean by a good shot :D Totally no disruptions blocking the beautiful interior decor!

This little chit chat corner so damn cute lor!

Even the lights also so nice! I just love these kind of hanging lights.

View from the top! The place isn't that big and they have a half floor which overlooks the cafe which is pretty nice too! Huge fan of this colour scheme right now! Wood, teal and neutrals!

The bae ordered water because not like any other cafe, this place doesnt serve water in a huge glass bottle where you get to refill yourself. Water is not free here guys. But, cute bottle tho.


Suka Dukkah Meatballs - RM24
So as I was saying, Rimba & Rusa serves fusion food and this is one of the examples! Baked eggs are normally served with a tomato base with sausage and stuff right? But here they serve it slightly differently, the concept is something like baked eggs but the eggs are poached, the sauce has lots of massala spices along with beef balls and eggplant. To me this dish was really appetizing and I just love saucey stuff! However the eggplant wasn't cooked evenly because I had some pieces which were perfectly soft while some kind of hard. The meatballs were decent, somehow the marination made it taste like lamb and I'm not sure when they state meatballs is it beef or what? hahaha But it was still quite a nice dish to eat. Don't be fooled by the size of this because it's surprisingly quite filling! 

Pulled Beef and Eggs - RM25
Again, something with Malaysian flavours as the marinated beef which had textures of rendang and had similar massala flavours as meatball dish. The combination of poached eggs, yogurt, pulled beef and the sourdough toast was quite good. Something different and really not bad! Wanted to order a third dish which would be a soup but they only start serving that after 12... =.=lll

Look at the yolk burst! #foodporn #foodgasm #hungry

Bae and his water after helping me finish my food. He claims that whenever I cant finish my food, I stare at him, give him an innocent smile then push the food over hahahah! Actually I can finish if I wanted to but I'm trying to diet here! So sacrificed my bae's figure a bit lor. He so fit so its okay!

I have a thing for vintagey looking things!

I just love those glass cake covers! Don't they just make the cakes even more delicious or what!?

Bae and his water again. Drink more water guys! The haze is back and god knows how long will it keep coming back and forth.

After a satisfying meal, the staff doesnt have to wish you to have a nice day because they have a mat to do so for them :O

Overall, this is a place that I would come again for their environment and probably to try their lunch menu! The place is just so pretty and the breakfast was okay but coming in the morning, you don't really have much choices so I will suggest to come during lunch time or at night. This is also a really cool place for chilling and selfies cuz they've got great lighting and just so pretty background la. :D

Rimba & Rusa
Sunway Nexis, Persiaran Surian, Tropicana, 
47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operating hours: 
Monday (CLOSED)
Tuesday-Sunday (8am - 11pm)
Friday (4pm - 11pm)
Contact: 03-6151 4022

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